1st U.K. breeding of Parancistrus aurantiacus

C.E. Fish Essentials customer Gregory Day has succeeded in becoming the 1st person in UK history to breed wild ‘xanthic’ Parancistrus Aurantiacus known in the trade as Chubby Plecos

Gregory Day is a person who can only be described as a ‘fish freak’. He is absolutely in love with all of the wonderful rare, interesting and unusual species which are becoming more and more available to the UK hobby by the day. He keeps several highly sought after species including P13 and P14 stingrays, golden Arowana, wild Heckel discus and several others as well as these captivating wild Parancistrus Aurantiacus which originate from the Rio Araguaia, Brazil. Below are photo’s of the actual parent fish.


Male (left)                           Female (right)

Gregory feeds all of his fish with C.E. Fish Essentials foods and varying dried foods. He finds that his Parancistrus Aurantiacus also enjoy stealing C.E. Discus Professional food from his discus fish and reject foods such as courgette. The ideal food for this species is C.E. Pleco Carnivore.


In the photo (above left)you see the male Parancistrus Aurantiacus guarding the fry. The photo (above right) shows how the caves are situated in the aquarium. interestingly these fish chose to breed in a higher cave on top of another. Previously, the male had also rejected some of the eggs which Gregory was able to save (see below). The fry are currently housed in an egg tumbler device which Gregory had to improvise and the first few fry have begun to hatch.

26th April 2013

Hatching begins..


We have uploaded a video to the C.E. Fish Essentials Youtube account to document this wonderful achievement by Gregory and would like to wish him the very best of luck! Congratulations from us here at C.E. Fish Essentials.

Update: 30.04.13

8 fry saved by Gregory are all doing well.

No fry found in the cave.

Update: 02.05.13

6 days old.

Yolk sacks almost completely consumed.

Update: 04.05.13

8 days old.

Update: 18.05.13

14 days old

Update: 23.05.13

19 days old


Update: 29.05.13

25 days old


Update: 18.06.13

45 days old

Update: 15.07.13

72 days old


Update: 14th January 2014

8 months & 19 days old

Feeding happily on our Pleco range

Update: 9th October 2014

1 year 5 months and 14 days old.



Parent (Female – Right)



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