Napoli Aquatica Discus Championship 2013

The results of the Discus Championship 2013 at “Napoli Aquatica”, Italy. Judges: Carmelo Arico (Italy), Cuneyt Birol (Turkey), Bernd Degen (Germany), Hiroshi Irie (Japan), Sergey Goryushkin (Russia) & Andrew Soh (Singapore).

Here are the photographic results of the Discus fish championship 2013 held in Napoli, Italia at the Napoli Aquatica event. Images supplied by Nick Baviolis (Discus Addicts)






       1                                 2                                3

Albino Category


Clive Brampton                    Dr Abdolvahab Momeni         Aquamarine Uzbekistan

Blue Category


Ricky Lim                       S.G. Discocultura                 S.G. Discocultura

Red Category


Ricky Lim                              Exotica Discus                      S.G. Discocultura

Pattern & Stripe (Brown Base) Category


Ricky Lim                      IP Discus / Vigo Discus         Ricky Lim

Pattern & Stripe (Yellow Base) Category


IP Discus                              IP Discus / Angelfish USA     Discus Greece

Yellow Category


IP Discus & Aquamarine       IP Discus                             Injaaz Discus

Wild Category


Nicola Menegozzo               Carlo Carciotto                         Nicola Menegozzo

Ama Zone Aquatics              Discus Messina                        Ama Zone Aquatics

Unclassifiable Category


 IP Discus / Chens Discus     The Royal Discus             IP DiscusAngelfish USA  

Spotted Category


GRAND CHAMPION             Jason Wu                               Sersos Discus

IP Discus /

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