The only biotope of the Laguna Bávaro Pupfish

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A Killifish that can only be found in one single lagoon  Who would believe that there are fishes around the world that exist only in one very small lagoon and nowhere else? Well, this is the case here  and we only find this Killi in the Bávaro Lagoon, Higuey, Dominican Republic. Several times I have had the fortune of being in the Dominican lands and it is something I recommend to all those who love good beaches! But of course, also for the aquarium  enthusiasts because there are several varieties of native Limia sp. and Cyprinodon sp. that we can easily …

Biotopes of Brunei | Beyond Wong Kadir

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Located deep inside the Labi jungle in Belait District, our latest adventure takes us to visit three different waterfalls, each located in the upper stretches of the Mendaram River; our final research point was at the third waterfall, the location of which can be seen on the map below. On 24th March 2018 we commenced our journey at around 08:30, the sun was already shining but I assume that it rained the night before as parts of the road were wet and gradually drying. Before we hiked uphill, approximately 100 metres from the parking spot, we managed to come across …

Another Maidenhead Aquatics branch takes on Naturekind!

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A second Maidenhead Aquatics store has recently opted to stock the popular new advanced fish food formula Naturekind, with positive results! Maidenhead Aquatics at Osterley in Hounslow posted a fantastic video on 15th of this month showing some of their very uncommon Champsochromis caeruleus, a Lake Malawi predator chowing down on the sought-after feed product; check it out below!     

Biotopes of the Madre de Dios drainage, Peru.

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In recent years I have made several visits to the states of Cusco and Madre de Dios in Peru, and have collected fishes in a great many location, from the low levels of the rain forest rivers and streams up to 1200 meters in the Andean cloud forest. All of the sampled rivers and streams eventually drain into the Rio Madre de Dios, which in turn drains into the Rio Madeira. Here I will try and show the biodiversity, not only of rivers and streams, but also in the flora and fauna that surround them. Our home base is situated …