Fishing for Heckel Discus in the Rio Demini

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In this article my intention is to give some insight into the world of the Heckel Discus (Symphysodon discus) before they arrive to our aquariums. This prior world is less well known but holds all of the joy and satisfaction as keeping the fish themselves. I will tell you only things which I experienced personally in the ten days of this trip, things which taught me a great deal. Amazonia Any ornamental fish lover at some point has thought about what it would be like to see or visit the Amazon. The vast majority of all freshwater fish in the …

The Fish Guys Expedition | Part 2

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Expedition 2 takes you to the Lost World, ffxiv gil George Fear and I explore the border of Venezuela and Guyana finding some really special fish species and look at their biotopes and behaviour in their natural environments.

Fish collecting along the Rio Jandiatuba, Brasil.

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The moment the reflection of the morning sun touches the surface of the river you understand why they call it white water; the milky reflection of the silt-laden flow makes you wonder how any aquatic creature navigates a daily existence here. Immediately I understand the necessity of the long whiskers of the Pimelodid catfish and the echolocation used by the river dolphins with their tiny eyes (almost pointless in such a river); I continuously observe for other insights and wonder what lessons are in store on this 10 day journey into the deepest jungles of the Amazon basin. I’ve finally …

The Route of the Cardinal Tetra (Paracheirodon axelrodi)

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The route of the Cardinal Tetra One of the aquarium fish with more pages held in the books of hobbyists than Discus and Angelfish combined is the Cardinal tetra. More precisely, Paracheirodon axelrodi. These characids we could consider as the most popular tetras in the ornamental fish hobby, their distinctive color contrast and beauty makes them unique and although there are several similar tetras such as the Paracheirodon inessi (previously in the genus Hyphessobrycon) or P. simulans, they do not possess the elegance of that of the King of the tetras. Such is the importance of this characid, whole families …

Searching for Discus in Peru & Colombia

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The discus was a high body Red-Spotted Green. It looked like the high body form commonly reared by Asian breeders. This specimen, however, was unique. It was caught in the Nanay River in Peru. I have seen wild caught Snakeskins, Pigeon Bloods and solid Blue Discus. These examples suggest that the forms developed in Asia have comparables swimming in the wild in South America. The Green Discus was one reason why I had travelled to Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon and subsequently to the city of Leticia in the Colombia Amazon. I had never visited the habitat of this discus …

UK aquarist breeds Golden Arowana!

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Another success for C.E. nike chaussure Fish Essentials customer Gregory Day, who has become the first UK hobbyist to breed the Asian Arowana! There is no more suitable day for a dragon to be born than Halloween (well, other than January 23rd 2012, year of the dragon), but anyway, I digress.. ugg homme pas cher Yesterday was a tremendous day for UK aquarist and C.E. ugg australia classic Fish Essentials customer, Gregory Day who now becomes the first UK hobbyist to breed the Asian Arowana (Scleropages formosus) in a home aquarium; equally unique is that the fish were raised from …

Aquatics Live 2012

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We ended the 2012 event season at the Aquatics Live exhibition in Kensington Olympia, London. Here’s how it went.. This event was organised by OnShow Events and was supported largely by the companies Tetra, Tropica, Geisemann Aquaristic as well as The Big Fish Campaign and OATA (The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association). We were very proud to be exhibiting for the second year among a list of other innovative, interesting and reputable companies, groups and associations including the likes of Maidenhead Aquatics, JBL, Pets at Home and UKAPS (The UK Aquatic Plant Society) among others. As a young company with a …

Best of Discus – East Mediterranean Discus Show 2012

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5th-7th October 2012 saw the launch of the Best of Discus, the 1st East Mediterranean International Discus & Biotope Aquarium Competition located in Athens, Greece. C.E. Fish Essentials were there and here is our account.. The 1st East Mediterranean International Discus & Biotope Aquarium Competition was organised by Nidal Rezeq (Owner of Animal Station) and was part of the larger event Pets Today which was coordinated by Vassilis Goulielmos and which saw approximately 40,000 people through the door over the weekend. There were cats, dogs, reptiles of all kinds and birds all exhibitied on displays, in competitions, shows and within …