Biotopes of Brunei | Biodiversity of the Telamba River

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On the early morning of 15th September of 2017, our group finally resembled to embark on another trip to explore the jungles of Brunei. This time we headed to our 1st lowland river trip where we would be investigating the lower Telamba River; this was also to our first exploration trip within Tutong district of Brunei. The Telamba river is a stream for most of its course and is approximately 5.5km long (possibly longer) and is a tributary of the Danau River. For this trip we started off from Seria Town, we departed at 8am and drove to our destination located at …

The Fish Guys Expedition | Part 2

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Expedition 2 takes you to the Lost World, ffxiv gil George Fear and I explore the border of Venezuela and Guyana finding some really special fish species and look at their biotopes and behaviour in their natural environments.