Visit to Furðufuglum og fylgifiskum (Reykjavic, Iceland).

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A trip to visit Tjorvi Einarsson of Furðufuglum og fylgifiskum in Reykjavic to discuss distribution of C.E. Fish Essentials foods in Iceland

We took a trip at the beginning of this month to visit Tjorvi (Churvi) Einarsson. Tjorvi and his wife own an exotic pet shop in Iceland’s capital city Reykjavic where they keep a large varietyof Aquatic species from Marine fish & Invertebrates to freshwater species of all kinds. On the other side of the store is a doorway into the bird section where they keep breeding Macaws (with vocal chords that will knock your block off), Amazonian parrots, African grey parrots, finches, cockatiels, cockatoos and some beautifully patterned and even rare bird species.

Tjorvi is somewhat of a pioneer of exotic pet keeping in Iceland as he has been the first to convince the Icelandic customs authorities to allow the import of quite a few creatures including insects (previously not permitted), amphibians (including Dendrobatidae) and more.



Tjorvi’s relationship with his pets and the treatment and care of all the animals was first class. He advocates feeding only the best to his fishy and feathered friends (as you can see below).


We hope to have products in circulation in Iceland before the end of the year!

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