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We ended the 2012 event season at the Aquatics Live exhibition in Kensington Olympia, London. Here’s how it went..

This event was organised by OnShow Events and was supported largely by the companies Tetra, Tropica, Geisemann Aquaristic as well as The Big Fish Campaign and OATA (The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association). We were very proud to be exhibiting for the second year among a list of other innovative, interesting and reputable companies, groups and associations including the likes of Maidenhead Aquatics, JBL, Pets at Home and UKAPS (The UK Aquatic Plant Society) among others. As a young company with a passion for developing innovative products, we generated much interest once again. Our product range grew comparing against 2011 and foods such as our newest addition to the ‘Plus’ range ‘’Community Plus’’ were completely sold out in day one and had to be replenished on the same day!

Whilst we served countless new customers during this event, we were also able to gain feedback from several who returned from the year before and were overwhelmed with the positive responses we received. One returning client even purchased enough for a year supply after informing us of how pleased they were with the results within just a few weeks of feeding our products.

The C.E. Fish Essentials fish foods sold very fast on both days!

We found this event has been the perfect place for us to interact directly with our target demographic as well as an opportunity to make new clients, customers and friends. It is a perfect family day out where young ones can have fun as well as learn a great deal directly from experts about fish, amphibians and reptiles and many common, rare, unusual and incredible creatures.

Emma went the extra mile to try and truly understand biotoping!

Aquatics Live has become quite renowned for its support of aquascaping activities and on display were works from some of the finest aquascapers in the country (results of the UKAPS contest can be found below).

 3rd Place – Antoni Dimitrov       

2nd Place – Tony Swinney            

 1st Place – Stu Worrall

In order to bring something unique to the event we decided to show an aquarium once again. Our display aquarium was in a biotope style and this was approved by biotope pioneer Heiko Bleher. C.E. Fish Essentials owner, Chris Englezou explained.

“In 2011, I displayed a ‘natural-look’ aquarium with Symphysodon Haraldi (F1) Rio Xingu and Wild Pterophyllum Scalare (Rio Negro) accompanied by some tank bred Corydoras aeneus. For 2012’s event I wanted to create something simple but effective and most importantly better than last year! I wanted to really inspire people to be creative with their aquaria and to learn more about simulating an environment which works in harmony with the fish, replicating the symbiotic ecosystem we find everywhere in nature”.

 Chris Englezou (left) with Heiko Bleher (right)    

 One new addition to the event which was a fantastic viewing experience was the introduction of the UKDA’s discus display. This featured breeding stock, award-winning and world class discus fish from suppliers such as Chen’s Discus, Northants Discus and Corban Discus and others and they were nothing short of spectacular. . This was a great way to show people interested in keeping discus the true potential of these wonderful fish.

Also present for the second year (but first time with this excellent stand) was Mark Evenden of Devotedly Discus with his wonderful array of Stendker discus fish including a breeding pair with fry which caught the eyes of many over the weekend.

Business aside, it is a perfect family day out where young ones can have fun as well as learn a great deal directly from experts about fish, amphibians and reptiles including many common, rare, unusual and incredible creatures. 



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