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Maidenhead Aquatics store stocks Naturekind Fish Food with great success!

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The UK’s largest aquatic chain store, Maidenhead Aquatics has taken a chance on the swiftly up and coming new high end fish food product Naturekind at one of it’s stores since May 2017 and despite the product’s high end pricing (which matches the exceptionally good quality),  sales have been reported as “very good” by Melksham store manager James Gulliver who says that the product sells very quickly soon after it comes in. A recent review by Practical Fishkeeping Magazine also portrayed the product as “Fish food made with love” says the packaging, and if you ever meet the man behind the brand,  you’ll realise that’s not hyperbole“.

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  1. Very disappointed after reading this review, to find out that my two local Maidenhead Aquatics are not stocking this amazing product, that is Chester and Liverpool – come on Maidenhead!

    I can get it delivered by mail order, but at around £60.00 for 10×100 gram packs, I’m not prepared to take the risk.

    If someone can advise me where the nearest stockist is to the Queensferry area of North Wales, where I can buy a trial pack from that would be helpful.

    Thank you,


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