Biotopes of India | The Western Ghats, Mountain Streams to Mangrove Swamps

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It is the middle of the dry season in the Western Ghats; I am here in the mountains of southern India at 3000ft above sea level on the border of two states, Tamil Nadu and Kerala and I am surrounded by dense jungle. The temperature during the day is not yet scorching but reaches somewhere in the region of 34°C, the canopy keeps me mostly shaded but at night the temperature drops by more than 20°C and it can be a shock to the system. My surroundings are dry but are quite reminiscent of my time in the Amazon except …

Biotopes of Brunei | Aquatic Treasures in the Labi Jungle

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On 17th February 2017, a 3 member team from the Brunei Biotope Group including myself set off on a journey into the jungles of Labi (located in South East of Belait District in Brunei Darussalam) in search of a tall waterfall known to locals as Wasai Belulok situated along the Belulok River (4°16’32.57″N, 114°25’29.45″E). The journey into the jungle started at approximately 12 noon, until 4pm. At the Belulok waterfall, within a 50 metre span of the stream, various species of fish and one species of aquatic plants can be found. Starting from the pool beneath the waterfall, only one …

Biodiversity of the Rio Paraná Delta, Argentina

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For many years, when thinking about ornamental fish, I wonder how this paradise of species has not been better recognised and appreciated. This Argentine delta is a unique place, unlike any other similar habitat in the world. It is a beautiful wetland, a magical place with lagoons, jungle, grasslands and floating islands that form in the space of just a few years and are constantly mutating to give birth to new biotopes for different species – this place is so very rich in biodiversity. Firstly, to appreciate the size of this Eden of ornamental fish it is instrumental to know …

The Fish Guys Expedition | Part 2

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Expedition 2 takes you to the Lost World, ffxiv gil George Fear and I explore the border of Venezuela and Guyana finding some really special fish species and look at their biotopes and behaviour in their natural environments.

Fish collecting along the Rio Jandiatuba, Brasil.

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The moment the reflection of the morning sun touches the surface of the river you understand why they call it white water; the milky reflection of the silt-laden flow makes you wonder how any aquatic creature navigates a daily existence here. Immediately I understand the necessity of the long whiskers of the Pimelodid catfish and the echolocation used by the river dolphins with their tiny eyes (almost pointless in such a river); I continuously observe for other insights and wonder what lessons are in store on this 10 day journey into the deepest jungles of the Amazon basin. I’ve finally …