Another Maidenhead Aquatics branch takes on Naturekind!

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A second Maidenhead Aquatics store has recently opted to stock the popular new advanced fish food formula Naturekind, with positive results! Maidenhead Aquatics at Osterley in Hounslow posted a fantastic video on 15th of this month showing some of their very uncommon Champsochromis caeruleus, a Lake Malawi predator chowing down on the sought-after feed product; check it out below!     

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Maidenhead Aquatics store stocks Naturekind Fish Food with great success!

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The UK’s largest aquatic chain store, Maidenhead Aquatics has taken a chance on the swiftly up and coming new high end fish food product Naturekind at one of it’s stores since May 2017 and despite the product’s high end pricing (which matches the exceptionally good quality),  sales have been reported as “very good” by Melksham store manager James Gulliver who says that the product sells very quickly soon after it comes in. A recent review by Practical Fishkeeping Magazine also portrayed the product as “Fish food made with love” says the packaging, and if you ever meet the man behind …

Biotope Aquarium Set-Up at Maidenhead Aquatics, Melksham

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This weekend I had the pleasure and honour of been invited to Melksham by the aquatic chain store Maidenhead Aquatics to take part in the Wiltshire Plecos & Catfish Study Group gathering. The events are held at different times throughout the year in the aim of bringing fishkeeping enthusiasts of all levels together to provide educational talks and unite the community; they also are a great opportunity to ogle at some truly exceptional fishes and maybe even take a few home. The manager of Melksham’s branch is James Gulliver and with the help of Nick Ridout and the other members …

Lecture and Biotope Workshop for the British Cichlid Association

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This past weekend I had the distinct privilege to be invited to speak at the British Cichlid Association summer convention at the Brittania Hotel in Wigan. I was also asked to do one of my biotope aquarium workshops which teach fish keepers how to recreate a natural aquatic habitat in their aquarium using only biotope-correct species and decor. The event had a humble attendance including some of the most reputable fish keepers in the country, some of whom it was an honour to have listen to my thoughts and experiences. My talk was entitled “Pterophyllum altum and the other angelfishes” …