Biotope 101: An authentic upper Rio Araçá biotope for Rummynose and Cardinal tetras

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The Rio Araçá is an affluent of the Demini River, which is a tributary of the Rio Negro. The Araçá is a 390 km long blackwater river originating high up on the Serra Tapirapeco Mountain in the forests of the Guianas and flows through the Serra do Araçá, a state conservation unit near to the border between Amazonas and Roraima states.  The river is also situated in the wider area of the Yanomami Indigenous Territory, within which the indigenous Yanomami and Ye’kuana (The Canoe People) reside. In the centre of the Serra do Araca can be found the Cachoeira do El Dorado …

The Fish Guys Expedition | Part 2

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Expedition 2 takes you to the Lost World, ffxiv gil George Fear and I explore the border of Venezuela and Guyana finding some really special fish species and look at their biotopes and behaviour in their natural environments.

Fish collecting along the Rio Jandiatuba, Brasil.

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The moment the reflection of the morning sun touches the surface of the river you understand why they call it white water; the milky reflection of the silt-laden flow makes you wonder how any aquatic creature navigates a daily existence here. Immediately I understand the necessity of the long whiskers of the Pimelodid catfish and the echolocation used by the river dolphins with their tiny eyes (almost pointless in such a river); I continuously observe for other insights and wonder what lessons are in store on this 10 day journey into the deepest jungles of the Amazon basin. I’ve finally …