The Fish Guys Expedition | Part 2

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Expedition 2 takes you to the Lost World, ffxiv gil George Fear and I explore the border of Venezuela and Guyana finding some really special fish species and look at their biotopes and behaviour in their natural environments.

Ivan Mikolji

Ivan Mikolji is a field explorer and investigator of Venezuelan wildlife specializing in photography and videography of rare and hard-to-find fish. He is the founder and President of the Fish from Venezuela Foundation (Fundacion Peces de Venezuela). He produces documentaries on wild tropical fish in their natural habitats with the objective of spreading the knowledge to the general public, under the notion that “you cannot preserve something that you don’t know exists”. He is active in the preservation of continental freshwater bodies of water, including all species of aquatic flora and fauna, trying to educate the people on how to have a minimum impact on their environment.

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