The Freshwater Fishes of Cameroon (book)


This brand NEW release from Michel Keijman features everything you could ever wish to know about the freshwater fishes of Cameroon. The reader will find information on many of the well-known and lesser-known fish species, including new species of freshwater fishes, their distribution ranges, biotopes, water parameters, and the species they live alongside. The book is divided into chapters, each covering a specific family of fishes, including the many cichlids, killifish, tetras, catfish, gobies, and more; with two chapters on aquatic plants and biotopes. This heavy hardback table book is filled with beautiful photos, many of which have never been seen before including newly discovered fish species of cichlids, killifish, and tetras!

Hardcover, landscape, full color, 464 pages, 403 species, 821 photos, 32 detailed distribution maps, English language, and signed by the author.

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