Xingu Below Water – By Oliver Lucanus & Leandro Sousa (Book)


215 fish species shown in their natural habitat, 348 pages, with 530 photographs. 28 x 28 cm ( 11 x 11”)


This special and unique book acts as a window below the surface of the Xingu River – the river of rapids, one of the largest clearwater rivers in the Amazon region. Below water, the Xingu is famous for incredible fish diversity with over 60 endemic fish species, and to date, more than 550 fish species in total, and with so many of them captured in their natural habitats in this book, the Xingu – Below Water is a must-have for any serious nature lover or freshwater enthusiast.

The Xingu River is one of the principal tributaries of the Brazilian Amazon. A river of rocks, rapids, crystal clear headwater tributaries, surreal underwater landscapes, and colourful fishes adapted to life in its fast-flowing waters. At the same time, it is an incredibly fragile ecosystem that faces threats from gold mining, deforestation, industrial agriculture, and one of the world’s largest hydroelectric projects, the Belo Monte Dam. All of these threats are captured and documented in the book,

For the first time, a book provides insight into the hidden world below the surface of the Xingu, revealing the fascinating adaptations and behaviours of the Xingu’s fishes. Through the eyes of the two authors, the reader will journey upstream into the habitats of a diverse fish community in one of the most threatened and stunningly beautiful places on Earth!

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