Having spent the best part of the past 30 years engrossed in all things aquarium, whether it be fishkeeping, aquarium maintenance, and installation, feed formulation,  public demonstrations, or traveling into the wildest places on Earth to observe fish species in their natural habitats, I’ve amassed a set of skills and knowledge that allows me to provide educational and commercial value to people of all interests and persuasions. Over the last three decades, I’ve taken great pleasure in meticulously studying freshwater ecosystems and ichthyofauna (fishes), as well as many of the other tropical rainforest species known from the equatorial world. In doing so, I am now in a position where I can offer a range of services for the aquarium industry and the wider corporate sector that very few can replicate. 

Aquarium Consultancy

The most interesting and exciting projects I work on involve the design, curation, and installation of aquarium displays. I have worked extensively in the corporate and public aquarium world over the last twenty years, initially with construction and custom builds, and nowadays, more so in consultancy, design, and installation of displays. Having spent a great deal of time exploring and researching rivers, and tropical rainforests, I have an extensive mental library of inspiration that helps me produce some of the most authentic and captivating natural displays.

Public Speaking

In the last ten years, I have had the privilege to be invited by many local aquarium associations as well as some of the most revered and respected international institutions to speak about my experiences exploring remote habitats in search of many iconic aquarium species. Nowadays I also speak quite frequently about my work in the world of freshwater conservation with Freshwater Life Project, through which I get much personal gratification. Being now able to share my experiences while simultaneously raising additional support for conservation projects reminds me frequently that all the time, energy, money, and effort spent over the years, has culminated in something truly worthwhile. 

Event Judging


Over the last ten to twelve years, I have had the distinct pleasure of judging numerous local, and international fish shows, and aquarium contests, including aquarium display competitions, and competitive fishkeeping events.  Although I am naturally inclined to favour detail in a way that can border on obsessive, my scientific experience has really strengthened my ability in judging and I pride myself on being able to clearly and confidently elaborate on my decisions in great detail. I believe this is the least owed to any contestant or competitor.


Having operated what is arguably the global resource for information on freshwater biotopes and biotope aquariums for the last ten years, I have developed a specialism for producing works of writing which evoke thoughts of nature in the most precise and picturesque way. I have had the privilege to support not only some of the most interesting up-and-coming writers in their literary journeys, but have also provided consultancy and editorial services to authors at the very highest level.   

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